Harry Houdini toured the world from the late 1880's until October 31st 1926 when he died. During that time, like all magicians, he would promote his shows with posters. These posters were plastered all over each city he preformed in. Literally tens of thousands of his different posters over the years were printed, but few have survived. In addition to his magic posters he also stared in a few movies. Those Houdini movie posters are also items we collect and can pay substantial amounts for. Other paper items such as letters, books, photos, small ads and autographs are purchased by us. The Houdini posters below are just some of the examples of authentic magic & movie theatrical posters we buy. Nation's Attic is owned by Don Creekmore, a collector of Houdini items. We are very serious top buyers and will be happy to help you anytime. If you feel you have a real vintage poster - then call or text us at 316-371-1828 or email djc@nationsattic.com .
Houdini in The Master Mystery. 14 Posters In This 1919 Serial
Any Poster From This Movie Is Wanted In Any Condition!
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Houdini also stared in Terror Island, The Man From Beyond, Haldane of the Secret Service & The Grim Game. Any posters from these movies is also wanted. 316-371-1828 / djc@nationsattic.com

Over the years almost all of Houdini's magic posters have been reprinted. We are only interested in buying original examples. For most people determining if a poster is old is quite difficult. If you are not sure, then please email or text us numerous photos of the poster front and back. Also, please measure the poster exactly - the size is very critical. We do not expect an original Houdini poster to be in mint condition, so even if you have torn or water stained example, you may be surprised just how much we can pay! 

For Houdini's magic posters in the United States he generally used the Strobridge Litho Company, Otis Litho Co or National Printing & Engraving Co. These companies would put their name and logo at the bottom left or right of the poster. Please note this or any other information found on the bottom of your poster when contacting us. Any dates or other information should be noted as well. Lastly, these posters were generally folded up, not rolled.

If you have come across this site with a Houdini poster or even a book, autograph, photos or letters please do not hesitate to contact us. Nation's Attic has a A+ rating with the Better Business Beureo Bureau, has been in business since 2005 and will treat you fairly. Call / Text 316-371-1828 or Email djc@nationsattic.com

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